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Case Histories

With our long history in the industry comes a correspondingly expanse record of satisfied customers. Marietta Group is known for the professionalism and expertise of our highly-trained staff and our constant efforts to be the best. We work hard to plan construction or repair projects within a budget that works for you. Marietta Group goes above the competition to deliver emergency services quickly and stay on schedule without compromising safety or quality.
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Silo Construction

Construction of Two New Fly Ash Concrete Silos - Tennessee

Completion of two new fly ash silos for bulk storage.


New Fly Ash Concrete Silo Construction - Minnesota

Coal powered generation facilities have to plan for disposal or reuse of byproducts created from the coal burning process.


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Silo Repair

Steel Hopper Liner Silo Repair - North Carolina

Regular inspections can help prevent devastating outcomes.


Aggregate Silo Wall Failure Repair - Pennsylvania

It is imperative that stave silos be inspected regularly to ensure their safe operability.


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Silo Inspection

Coal Silo Inspection Reveals Suspended Steel Cone Failure - Kentucky

Due to the damages, this silo was deemed irreparable. Often, silo inspections are not performed until it is too late.


Stacking Tube Coal Silo Inspection Following a Fire - West Virginia

An inspection was required on this stacking tube due to a fire that occurred in the lower one third of the tube.


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