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Case Histories

With our long history in the industry comes a correspondingly expanse record of satisfied customers. Marietta Group is known for the professionalism and expertise of our highly-trained staff and our constant efforts to be the best. We work hard to plan construction or repair projects within a budget that works for you. Marietta Group goes above the competition to deliver emergency services quickly and stay on schedule without compromising safety or quality.
Select a category below for details of past projects or contact us for examples of specific projects.

Silo Construction

New Fly Ash Concrete Silo Construction - West Virginia

Construction of two new fly ash silos for bulk storage.


Construction of Two New Fly Ash Concrete Silos - Tennessee

Completion of two new fly ash silos for bulk storage.


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Silo Repair

Steel Hopper Liner Silo Repair - North Carolina

Regular inspections can help prevent devastating outcomes.


Aggregate, Sand and Gravel Stave Silo Repair - Alabama

On this silo, the conveyor loading system was designed to attach at the roof edge. This connection to the first two silos coupled with standard movement and settling over time led to the cracking issues.


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Silo Inspection

Coal Silo Inspection Reveals Suspended Steel Cone Failure - Kentucky

Due to the damages, this silo was deemed irreparable. Often, silo inspections are not performed until it is too late.


Stacking Tube Coal Silo Inspection Following a Fire - West Virginia

An inspection was required on this stacking tube due to a fire that occurred in the lower one third of the tube.


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